FGD-AR Product Specifications

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1.1 This FGD-AR Product Specifications covers the requirements for machine made reinforced thermosetting resin pipe and fittings, 1″ – 30″, manufactured according to ASTM D2996, the standard specification for filament wound pipe. These specifications shall cover Conley FGD-AR (Ep or VE) Standard ABRASION RESISTANT pipe and fittings especially formulated for applications in Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) limestone and gypsum slurry service and other abrasive applications. Both Pipe and Fittings shall be manufactured with a minimum double Nexus® synthetic veil reinforced Premium Epoxy resin or Vinyl Ester resin internal corrosion barrier with Silicon Carbide filler to increase abrasion resistance, an Epoxy filament wound fiberglass reinforced cage, and a standard Nexus® reinforced external corrosion barrier. Pipe and fittings have a 25 year guarantee against ultraviolet degradation (fiber blooming). See the Conley Product Data for pressure/temperature ratings and span dimensions of each schedule.

2.1 Raw materials will meet or exceed specifications for Epoxy and Vinyl Ester resin systems and fiberglass materials. 2.2 The resin, reinforcement, pigments, fillers and other materials, when combined as a composite structure shall produce a pipe that shall meet or exceed the requirements of the classification system listed in ASTM D2310. 3.0


3.1 The pipe shall consist of three specific layers; the corrosion resistant minimum double Nexus® reinforced Epoxy (Ep) or Vinyl Ester (VE) internal corrosion/abrasion barrier, the filament wound reinforcement (cage) using aromatic amine cured Epoxy, and the corrosion / UV resistant external corrosion barrier. This material shall then be post-cured to form an integral structure and provide optimum cross-linking density.