Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic FRP

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

Fiberglass Reinforced PlasticFiberglass Reinforced Plastic is Conley’s specialty.  We are an industry leader for corrosion resistant piping and offer a wide range of products to fit your needs.  Conley Engineers recognize the stringent chemical resistance performance standards required by the chemical processing industry.  Our products exceed those expectations.  Fiberglass reinforced plastic needs to meet the high standards of your project and we maintain those high standards through every step of the process.  We have a full in-house fabrication facility and even include on-site training and certification services for customers.

Some of the features in Conley’s products include a standard minimum double Nexus Veil Reinforced Internal Corrosion Barrier (for a superior chemical resistance and strength).  Also, Nexus Reinforced External Corrosion Barrier provides superior chemical resistance, protects against UV light degradation, reduced airborne glass particulate during fabrication.  You have your choice of custom colors.  Conley has been manufacturing fiberglass reinforced plastic since 1951.  Take a look at our product line and call us with any questions.

The Conley Technical Committee works with the design engineers and product end users to assist in the selection of the corrosion barrier resin that provides the optimum system performance.  For your piping systems we offer the following resins:  Epoxy, Vinyl Ester, Novolac Vinyl Ester and Furan.  Our piping systems available include: Standard (straight socket or flanged), Double Containment, Conductive, Abrasion Resistant, Fire Retardant and Marine (Internationally Certified).